Architectural Design, 11/12 (1996)

Architectural Design, 11/12 (1996). : Architecture & Anthropology / Ed. lit. Maggie Toy . - 1ª Ed. . - London : Academy Editions, Nov.-Dec.1996 . - p. : il. 31 cm . - «Multi-Source Synthesis: Embodied Energy» / Battle McCarthy. -«Butrint: An Ancient City Rediscovered» / Prue Chiles. -«Architecture in Exile» / Matthew Foreman. -«Putting Chaos Theory into Practice» / Geoffrey Broadbent. -«Architectural Design Profile Nº 124». -«Architecture and Anthropology». -«Jeremy Till». -«Simon Coleman and Peter Collins». -«Peter Blundell Jones». -«Balkrishna Doshi». -«Cambridge Kumbakonam Project». -«Ada Karmi-Melamede and Ram Karmi. -«Glenn Murcut with Troppo Architects». -«James Corner». -«Giancarlo de Carlo». -«James Holston». -«Jane Rendell». -«Jane Carsten and Stephen Hugh-Jones». -«Pierre d' Avoine Architects». -«Peter Barber Architects». -«Branson Coates Architecture». -«Marc Augé». -«Iain Borden». -«Anamorphosis Architects». - «a.topos with AA Diploma Unit 12».

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