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About the Library


The Library is open to O.A Members, students of architecture and certified researchers.


The library contains materials dealing with architecture and urban planning. Admission is free but you are required to register.


The Library holds more than 30,000 volumes on contemporary architecture, history of architecture, architectural theory, building types. Related subjects such as construction, landscape architecture, techniques, working methods, preservation, and reference books are also represented.


It houses rare and early documents, plus magazines and books on the Modern Movement and holds a substantial number of important Portuguese architecture magazines.




History of the Library and its collections


The library was founded in 1904 by the Sociedade dos Architectos Portugueses.


Books and magazines from members responding a Society’s calls for donations, in 1905, became the first items of the collection. The earliest book in the possession of the library was printed in 1728.


Architect João Lino de Carvalho (1859-1926), was the first Librarian. He began the establishment of an efficient organization and instituted procedures.




Special historical collections


Collection Francisco Carlos Parente (1872-1924); Collection Alfredo Maria da Costa Campos (1863-1911), Collection Adelino Alves Nunes (1903-1948), Collection João António Piloto (1880-1956), Collection Nuno Teotónio Pereira (1922-2016). These materials do not circulate and may only be consulted upon request.




Services available at the Library


The online catalogue


The Library uses integrated Koha Library Management System, publicly accessible 24 hours a day, via Open Public Access Catalogue, updated daily by Library staff.


Here you can find book and magazine titles, architect’s names, buildings, authors, subjects, but also articles and chapters of monographs and serial publications.


Search results can be emailed or printed.





Exclusive to O.A members and registered readers.


A colour photocopier | scanner is available for the reproduction of articles and material available in the Library Reading Room. Copying should follow current Portuguese copyright legislation (see the poster next to photocopier).


Printed Dissertation and Thesis are subject to the copyright protection law; they can’t be reproduced unless you contact the copyright owner, to grant the necessary permission.


For reasons of conservation, photocopies of special historical collections and other fragile materials, are not allowed.



Document supply service


If you want to order photocopies of articles from magazines and books for remote supply, please use the order form available at Service Request | Prices.



Internet & E-Mail Facilities


Exclusive to O.A members and registered readers.

Computers with access to the internet are available in the Library's Reading Room. You can also bring your Laptop computer and use free Wi-Fi.





Up to three items may be borrowed by O.A. Members, for up to two weeks after which they must be returned or renewed, for a maximum of 2 times. The borrower is responsible for books borrowed and any losses must be reported to the librarian who will arrange for an invoice for the replacement cost to be issued.



Conduct in the Library


Please set mobile phones and laptops to silent use.


No eating and drinking is allowed except bottled water.


The Library does not accept liability for the loss of, or damage to, personal property or equipments, however caused.


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